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Mellisa Lambert-Onyiriuka is really passionate about helping others find and live their passion; her enthusiasm for helping people realize their goals is contagious. Mellisa is adept when it comes to bringing out the best in others and believes totally in them. Over the years, she has helped people as a Life and Business coach meet their dreams and excel in their businesses.


In addition to her coaching and speaking skills, Mellisa is a prolific author. She’s the author of: ‘Open Your Mouth and Speak’, ‘8 Steps to a New You’ and her new children book, ‘Beauty and Me’ inspired by her lovely daughter, Chelsea.


Ultimately, she believes there’s always a better life. Mellisa is most accomplished when helping people from all works of life to grow both professionally and personally. She is a humble servant who is dedicated to the service of her community at large.


With a bubbly and easygoing personality, Mellisa serves as an embodiment of vitality in the lives of the people she serves. Mellisa is a resourceful wife and a mompreneur. Three basic descriptors of Mellisa are insightful, resourceful, and down-to-earth.

my name is Mellisa

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