Beauty and Me

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Friendship is priceless, friendship is vital. God gives us friends, but it’s devastating when kids find it difficult to make friends or be kind to each other.

Kids, imagine you had a handy tool for resolving friendships. Well, that’s absolutely what this book is, a tool for resolving friendship. It’s an easy-read which discusses some strategies with which kids pull out and use to express themselves, build relationships, end arguments and fights, halt bullying, and overcome unhappy feelings.

In the world today, so many kids find it difficult to make friends due to the issues of teasing, bullying, and so many other problems accompanied with it, but after reading this highly illustrating book on their own or with an adult, kids will become well equipped to face any challenges of friendship that comes their way. Additionally, this book is a true-to-life story of the author but she uses it skillfully as a means to build better relationships. Throughout this life-changing guide, the author pinpoints the vital importance of kids believing in who they really are and what they stand for. Beauty and Me will help kids realize their inner beauty, maximize their potential, and also reach for their dreams.

Chelsea encourages kids everywhere to stick together and enjoy the benefits of true friendship and love. It set’s a universal example for love, compassion, and true friendship. Beauty and Me is a must-read for all kids.

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