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In our world today, the impacts of bullying and negligence cannot be over-emphasized and are devastatingly causing harm to our society. Majorly, to the youths, we need to embrace the core values of empathy, love, and kindness among ourselves.

We need to help one another, embrace our differences and uniqueness into one coherent body of universal love and peace. Individually, you need to know that you are artfully endowed and designated to succeed.

Ultimately, we depend on each other’s uniqueness to leave a more fulfilling life. So, let’s learn to love one another, show kindness and care towards each other. Do not use negative words to deprive others their chance to live a better life. Say No to bullying, Say No to teasing, Say No to negligence and negativity! Walk this path with me and together the future will be ours!

Share an experience you had in the past or present where you were bullied or teased. Tell us what you did about the situation…

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